Llangewydd Junior School


Pen-y-Bont Football Club29/11/2021 Cookery Club after Christmas for year 629/11/2021 Covid case in y5 26/11/202126/11/2021 Covid case in y3 25/11/202125/11/2021 Covid case in y6 25/11/202125/11/2021 Covid case in y6 24/11/202124/11/2021 Covid case in y5 19/11/202119/11/2021 Newsletter November 12th12/11/2021 Covid case in y5 11/11/202111/11/2021 Covid case in y3 11/11/202111/11/2021 Covid case in y6 09/11/202109/11/2021 Covid Case in y4 08/11/202108/11/2021 New Covid Guidance from Welsh Government05/11/2021 Covid case in y5 start of Oct half term24/10/2021 Covid case in y4 late Oct20/10/2021 Free School Meal half-term voucher20/10/2021 Covid case in y5 late Oct18/10/2021 Family Learning Year 3/415/10/2021 Year 7 Open Evening Invitation14/10/2021 Year 7 Transition Booklet 202113/10/2021 Year 7 admissions for 202211/10/2021 Covid case in y506/10/2021 Covid case in y330/09/2021 Covid case in y630/09/2021 Year 5 Victorian Day Letter29/09/2021 Covid Case in y427/09/2021 Clubs14/09/2021 Breakfast Club autumn 202107/09/2021 BCBC end of term letter16/07/2021 Summer of Fun flyer13/07/2021 Admission details01/07/2021 'Best View' regarding arrangements for September 202101/07/2021 Y6 Porthcawl trip letter for June 25th21/06/2021 After School Clubs - summer 202108/06/2021 Year 6 Bryntirion Comp 'Welcome Booklet'19/05/2021 Year 6 transition to Bryntirion Comp. letter19/05/2021 Change in Covid arrangements after half term07/05/2021 Parental Questionnaire06/05/2021 Breakfast Club update26/04/2021 Breakfast Club Newsletter19/04/2021 RSE letter from the local authority26/03/2021 EU Citizens letter from the First Minister15/03/2021 Free School Meal Survey08/03/2021 Letter from Public Health Wales08/03/2021 Nesletter regarding return to school (all pupils) on March 15th 202104/03/2021 Parent Governor vacancies12/02/2021 Parent survey regarding critical workers05/02/2021 Live sessions for Rainbow and Sunshine pupils05/02/2021 School capacity impact upon potential future on-site provision for children of critical workers28/01/2021 LA letter re Critical Worker criteria26/01/2021 Live lessons from Tuesday next week (January 26th 2021)19/01/2021 Newsletter January 7th 202107/01/2021 LA letter to parents early Jan 202105/01/2021 Letter about eligibility of children of critical workers21/12/2020 Letter from the LA about returning in January 202118/12/2020 Joint Communication re Critical Workers for 17th and 18th December15/12/2020 Updated end of autumn term 2020 update from the LA11/12/2020 End of autumn term 2020 update from the LA09/12/2020 Letter from the LA about end of term arrangements04/12/2020 Rainbow and Sunshine Covid-19 case04/12/2020 J5 Covid 19 case (Mrs Hatch-Walker and Mrs James' class)30/11/2020 Welsh Gov Survey27/11/2020 Year 5 Victorian day18/11/2020 Family Learning Year 3 and Year 416/11/2020 Newsletter November 3rd 202003/11/2020 LA letter re 'Fire break'24/10/2020 Year 6 parents info - Key Stage 3 Booklet21/10/2020 Year 6 Parents info - Open Evening Letter for Bryntirion21/10/2020 Parent-Teacher Telephone Consultations15/10/2020 Letter to parents to introducing RRSA07/10/2020 Newsletter October 6th 202006/10/2020 Admission to secondary school06/10/2020 Letter to Parents from the Local Authority06/10/2020 Continuity of learning and wellbeing02/10/2020 Google Classroom - A step by step guide25/09/2020 Using Google Classroom at Home25/09/2020 Family Learning23/09/2020 Bug Club Brochure21/09/2020 Bug Club Letter- Year 321/09/2020 Guidance from the LA for parents about Covid symptoms and other issues15/09/2020 Early September 2020 Newsletter11/09/2020 Sunshine and Rainbow Letter Home Sept 202004/09/2020 Detailed information for pupils' return to school in September 202027/08/2020 FAQ's for parents for September 202027/08/2020 Return to school for pupils on September 4th and 7th 202013/07/2020 Really useful helplines at this difficult time06/07/2020 School Meals FAQ for Parents 2606202026/06/2020 June 29th Return to School (CICUP) Newsletter 2306202023/06/2020 Letter from the LA re summer term and summer holidays 2206202022/06/2020 Hub at Llangewydd Newsettter 1806202018/06/2020 Letter from the LA re schools reopening 1706202017/06/2020 Letter from the LA re pupils returning to school 1206202012/06/2020 Joint communication with parents 1106202011/06/2020 New communication and website 06202010/06/2020 Letter from the Director of Eduaction L. Harvey re Coronavirus 0406202004/06/2020 May 2020 Newsletter04/06/2020 Letter from the Director of Education L. Harvey re Coronavirus 12032004/06/2020 March 2020 Newsletter04/06/2020 November 2019 Newsletter03/06/2020 Parent Council Letter October 201903/06/2020 September 2019 Newsletter03/06/2020 Bug Club Letter03/06/2020