Llangewydd Junior School

School Improvement Plan

We are continuously working on our School Improvement Plan which gives the school clear direction. Everyone in our school community is involved in the delivery of this plan which aims to meet our needs at an individual and school level as well as contributing towards our national priorities.

Llangewydd Junior School Improvement Plan Priorities – 2019-20

•           A - Teaching and Learning priority  – to make excellent progress towards the challenges that are presented by the new ALN bill
1.         Ensure that all staff and governors are aware of the new ALN bill and its demands, in readiness for September 2020 (TP)
2.         Ensure that as a learning organisation, we are compliant with the demands of the new ALN bill (TP)
3.         Ensure that provision is in place in all classrooms such that all ALN pupils are able to access the curriculum and develop their skills accordingly (TP)

•           B – School specific priority - To embed the new Senior Leadership Team effectively and ensure that significant staff changes impact positively on pupil outcomes
1.         Develop an SLT with high levels of communication, commitment and effectiveness (NC)
2.         Develop transparent and effective methods of demonstrating and improving pupil progress (NC & JD) – NC to lead
3.         To ensure standards in numeracy remain high through significant levels of support for our teachers around Big Maths/CLIC & SAFE/core and outer numeracy (WM)
4.         Organise the activities of support staff effectively (WM)
5.         Ensure physical resources throughout the school are managed effectively and have a significant impact on pupil outcomes (WM)
6.         Develop a co-ordinated approach to Professional Learning throughout the school (JD)

•           C  - Curriculum reform priority – to maximise the impact of the ‘New Curriculum’ on Teaching and Learning with particular focus on provision for eFSM pupils’
1.         To further embed the ‘New Curriculum’(as outlined by Donaldson) into the everyday teaching of staff in our school (DE)
2.         To significantly improve the outcomes from Welsh L2L exercises held by the Athrawes Bro at the end of the year (DE)
3.         To significantly raise the level of pupil ownership of the school environment (LE)
4.         To further develop numeracy across the curriculum (WM)