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At Llangewydd Junior School, Pupil Voice is extremely important to us.Take a look below at all our Committees:

Pupil Voice 2023-24

Pupil Voice Forum Pupil voice forum consists of one year 5/6 pupil from each committee. These pupils meet regularly to feedback what their committee has been discussing, working on and targets to improve our school. We then create an action plan with these targets which each committee thrives to achieve. Over the past year we have worked hard to get pupil opinions on what library they would like and what a fantastic well-used library we now have! Using committee suggestions a stage area was created in the main yard, playground monitors have been set up to engage children and look after our equipment at break times, as well as a quieter games yard for those who prefer a quiet break time. This year we would like to help the committees to encourage more Welsh to be spoken in school so we can achieve our Silver Siarter Iaith award, have more opportunities for outdoor learning and to continue encouraging parents to use digital platforms such as Twitter and Google Classroom. We will also work hard to continue being a rights respecting school. We love working together to continuously improve our school.

Criw Cymraeg
Digital Leaders
Teaching and Learning Committee
Eco Committee
Play-ground Well-being Committee
Outdoor sports Committee