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Charity for the homeless

Rather spending out unnecessarily on a present for your child's class teacher this Christmas, why not help Hana in J1? She is trying to help local homeless charities this Christmas by collecting toiletries in socks. Can we help her?  

Below is a link to a video that Hana has made explaining a little and demonstrating to others what is required:


If you are unable to put tolietries in a sock - any new toiltries in any shape or form given to the class teacher by your child will be warmly received - Collection date - 10th December 2021.

Voucher redemption for free school meals

All parents of pupils who are eligible for free school meals. The October half term voucher must be redeemed by 21 November 2021.

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Face masks/coverings

Please note that I have informed all staff today that they should only engage in conversation with parents outdoors (on school premises during the school day) if both the parent and staff member are wearing a face mask/covering.

After school clubs alteration to arrangements

From today (October 4th), all children attending after school clubs will now be dismissed from the main (y3&y5) Heol y Frenhines exit.

Covid Case notification process

From September 20th this year schools are required to notify parents of positive cases relevant to their children in schools.

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Breakfast Club changes to times

Owing to such large numbers attending Breakfast Club, we need to 'get through' all of our pupils in a more effcient manner. Therefore from Monday 20th September, the 'window' for Breakfast Club at the start of the school day will shorten from the current arrangement of ten minutes, to five minutes. The arrangement therefore from Monday 20th September is that pupils must arrive between 08.20 and 08.25 in order to attend Breakfast Club. Pupils arriving after this time will not be allowed to attend. A reminder also to please, please only send your child to Breakfast Club if you really to do so.

Year 3 texting service

At this time the year 3 texting service is not operational owing to issues outside of our control. All other year groups are fine.

Breakfast Club

Numbers for breakfast club for next week are very high. No child will be turned away, however, until our numbers have settled please only send your child to breakfast club as a necessary measure to support you in getting to work or similar. Neil Clode

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Year 6 Yearbook

Parents of pupils in year 6 are organising a Yearbook for children in year 6. I would love every child to contribute to the Yearbook and I hope every child in year 6 will receive a free hard copy. There will not cost any money but may take a little bit of effort on everyone's part to ensure all our children in year 6 are included and it is as good as it can possibly be. Parents have set up an email address to collect the information, this email address is: LJSYearbook@outlook.com
If you email this address you will receive all the details needed and examples and suggestions. I have been assured that  personal details will be deteted on completion of the book and if for any reaon you would like a book but don't wish to be included then this is also fine. This is not a school generated activity, we are only acting as a 'message board' for what seems like a lovely idea. Neil Clode

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Home Learning

I hope everyone is safe and well. Work will be uploaded onto Google Classroom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children should also read their Bug Club books regularly. Please could Lexia and Reading Eggs children regularly complete their work online. If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to contact your childs class teacher or email Mrs Davies on daviesj250@hwbcymru.net or Miss Davies on daviesy43@hwbcymu.net. We hope to see you all soon. 

Merry Christmas from Sunshine and Rainbow

Merry Christmas from Sunshine and Rainbow 

Merry Christmas from Llangewydd Junior School

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from everyone at Llangewydd Junior School.

Merry Christmas to you all.

School closure on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th December

All mainstream, maintained schools in BCBC will move to online learning on Thursday and Friday next week (17th and 18th December). Therefore our school premises will close until the spring term after Wednesday next week. We await a letter from the director of education to confirm this.                            

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Advicelink Cymru: working in partnership to provide advice and support to people in Wales

Advicelink Cymru: working in partnership to provide advice and support to people in Wales
Advicelink Cymru is a Welsh Government funded Citizens Advice service designed to help people who are most in need of advice services, particularly those who would not usually seek advice. 
The service is focused on reaching a number of priority groups across Wales including those from BAME communities, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health and substance abuse issues, victims of domestic violence and others.
Advicelink Cymru offers quality assured advice on welfare benefits, debt, employment, education, housing, immigration and discrimination. The service aims to help people access the right advice, at the right time and make it easier for people to access services again if the issue is not resolved or further issues arise.
National and regional partnerships are central to the success of Advicelink Cymru. They work with a broad range of partners to ensure that services reach those in need in the priority groups.
The key principles of the Advicelink Cymru service are: 
  • Reaching out to clients proactively, often through partners, to get advice service interventions to those most in need of them before they are in crisis.
  • Working seamlessly so the client’s journey is as simple as possible.
  • Regionally based services with national consistency.
  • Quality-assured advice with wraparound support for clients from partners. This support could be practical, emotional, clinical or social.
How to access Advicelink Cymru services?
  1. Call the Advicelink Cymru national number:
  • Call 03444  77 20 20, M-F, 9am to 5pm
  • Textphone  18001 03444 111 445
  • Language line services are available
  1. Access regional advice services: 
  • Search for your closest Local Citizens Advice here
For more information on Advicelink and partnerships please contact Helene Hayes (helene.hayes@citizensadvice.org.uk) or Susannah McWilliam (susannah.mcwilliam@citizensadvice.org.uk).

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FAQ about 'Lockdown' in Bridgend

The local authority has asked me to share the following link with all parents and carers about the Bridgend Lockdown.



Siblings of pupils isolating (08/09/2020)

As you may be aware, pupils in year 7 at our local secondary school are now self-isolating. Guidelines are clear that this does not preclude their siblings from attending school. Please send your child to school 'as normal' today unless there are other factors preventing this.


Neil Clode

Please avoid arriving too early to school today (Monday 7th September 2020). This particularly applies to Base pupils and pupils in year 3 who are scheduled to arrive between 9am and 9.10am.

Support and Report - useful contacts in difficult times

Please click on the following link to access the right people or organisations when faced with significant challenges at home: 'Support & Report'

Neil Clode

To wrap up...

I would just like to say a massive 'thank you' for all of your wonderful support this year. It has been a tough old time and we are far from through it yet, but if we keep working together, for the good of the children in our school, then I am sure we won't go far wrong.
September return to school - I have deliberately avoided going into too much detail about our plans for September. Much more information will be forthcoming in the week commencing August 31st. At this time, we are considering separate entrances for each year group, lengthened lunch times, staggered play times and incorporating the whole school community into our hygiene plans. Start and finish times will vary by no more than 10 minutes from the current arrangements and we fully recognise that our new starters in year 3 (as well as their parents or carers) will need plenty of detail about where to go, what to do when they get here and what to expect, come September - a great starting point though is our prospectus which can be accessed from the home page of this website.
Pupil Reports - Most people have had them but for those pupils who didn't attend school this week, they will be sent out in the post today
School Uniform - We expect pupils to be wearing school uniform from their first day in school but arrangements around PE and PE kit are uncertain at this time.

Respectful behaviour towards our staff

Please be aware that the verbal abuse of staff by parents, carers or grandparents will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Please also recognise that, if you are asked to collect your child from the hub, or from the CICUP provision, for whatever reason, then you must do so immediately and without recourse to unwarranted criticism of our staff. If instances of such behaviour occur, I will, through our governing body, seek to protect our staff through any reasonable means avilable to me.

Neil Clode.

Update for pupils' return to school on June 29th

Earlier this week I drafted a letter to all parents about the return to school for our pupils on June 29th (this is the 'Check-In, Catch-Up and Prepare' (CICUP) provision that all schools in Wales will be providing).

Unfortunately, there is still some uncertainty around some of the fundamental principles relating to this issue. To avoid confusion and the need to retract any statements made,  I do not therefore envisage sending a letter (the one drafted or otherwise) to parents about the CICUP provision until at least the early part of next week.

Neil Clode

Emergency Childcare

Emergency Childcare


As schools and workplaces re-open, the need for childcare becomes a priority. If you are a Key Worker and require an emergency childcare placement at your local HUB, please click on the link below. This will take you to the BCBC page which will give you more information as well as the link to apply online for emergency childcare.



Refer to the latest letters from the Director of Education in the Newsletters section

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