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Respectful behaviour towards our staff

Please be aware that the verbal abuse of staff by parents, carers or grandparents will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Please also recognise that, if you are asked to collect your child from the hub, or from the CICUP provision, for whatever reason, then you must do so immediately and without recourse to unwarranted criticism of our staff. If instances of such behaviour occur, I will, through our governing body, seek to protect our staff through any reasonable means avilable to me.

Neil Clode.

Update for pupils' return to school on June 29th

Earlier this week I drafted a letter to all parents about the return to school for our pupils on June 29th (this is the 'Check-In, Catch-Up and Prepare' (CICUP) provision that all schools in Wales will be providing).

Unfortunately, there is still some uncertainty around some of the fundamental principles relating to this issue. To avoid confusion and the need to retract any statements made,  I do not therefore envisage sending a letter (the one drafted or otherwise) to parents about the CICUP provision until at least the early part of next week.

Neil Clode

Emergency Childcare

Emergency Childcare


As schools and workplaces re-open, the need for childcare becomes a priority. If you are a Key Worker and require an emergency childcare placement at your local HUB, please click on the link below. This will take you to the BCBC page which will give you more information as well as the link to apply online for emergency childcare.



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